Ten Reasons for not staying at Tallawarra Homestead!



Parcels of native bush have been protected for decades, revealing what the local natives called home for centuries.




Reason 1: Location: Well for a start, it’s out of the way, I mean its nearly one hour from Melbourne, who drives that far! I mean it can take that long to get from one end of the West Gate Bridge to the other end on a Friday at peak hours (yes, hours, it’s not a spelling mistake).
Tallawarra Homestead is set on 100 acres (that’s 40.4858299 hectares to city folk) of tranquil pastures and native bush, at the gate way of beautiful West Gippsland. No surrounding houses, no dogs barking, no neighbours parking in your car park, just heaven in your luxury accommodation. There are times when it gets a bit noisy, galahs going nuts, the occasional car driving by, you know that sort of thing!





Reason 2: The dirt road. 

The dirt road  has even been especially designed by the local council to deter guests from getting to Tallawarra Homestead, but the brave souls that have decided “to hell with the obstacles” have discovered a relaxing haven to unwind and relax.








Reason 3: Native Animals: yep, we have some really dangerous creatures that stalk our surrounds, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, eagles, even galahs. Sure you can go to the zoo, or Healesville Sanctuary, and see these beasts, together with thousands on any given day (my eyes start to glaze over when I see all the buses lined up) or you can take a leisurely walk to our very Private Bush Block to catch some of the wild life (we don’t mean literally) or, take a seat in our Coolgardie room, and sip on one of our great local wines from West Gippsland (Subject to animals deciding to see who’s home!)


Reason 4: Afternoon Tea: Seriously, who wants homemade scones, smothered in Chantilly cream, and our own homemade strawberry jam! Did I mention the endless loose-leaf tea and plunger coffee? The local pubs know whose staying at Tallawarra Homestead because they can’t eat their evening meals. Bad hosts I say!






Reason 5: Breakfast: We’re not boasting (well we are really!) but one of our guests did mention that our breakfast was as good, if not better than an international hotel in Melbourne. Not mentioning names (starts with L and finishes in M)






Reason 6: Stars: No, we don’t mean the self-indulging lot that require awards to make themselves feel good, no we relate to the billions of stars that one can see on cloudless nights. Now be warned, this is a place on the planet that can have more than one season in the day, or night, so we do warn star gazers that this is all subject to weather permitting. But, if the weather does permit, hold your breath, it is truly beautiful. Now if you’re a thrill seeker, we’ll play Jeff Wayne’s musical version of “The War of the World’s”. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise

Reason 7: Beds: Did we mention how comfy are beds are? Let us know if you have slept on better ones. I’ll check them out myself, I need a holiday. Oh, and another thing, the PowerPoints are located very conveniently next to your bed, no need to go on safari to locate the them!

luxurious bedroom

Reason 8: Hospitality: You’ve seen Faulty Towers? You’ve seen those programs on TV that you swear you cannot believe how bad the hosts are, opinionated, arrogant, pompous, you know what I mean, well, not these hosts, some would say the homesteads best assets, but I’m just too modest to reply! Actually, one of the reasons we find out our guest’s background is to ensure I don’t put both feet in (foot and mouth)

Reason 9: Extra’s: Who want’s extra’s to make your stay more enjoyable? Well, me for a start I hear you say. There’s a fresh bowl of fruit (did you read the CSIRO report on Aussies not eating enough fruit) well, we are looking after you!
Yummy chocolates to send your head spinning from a sugar hit, and some great Australian fortified wine, we can’t call it Port anymore, (the EU bureaucrats fixed that), still tastes great though.
Yes, all included when you stay at Tallawarra Homestead.

Reason 10: This could be the decider! All guest rooms have their own Samsung Tab A which features our electronic compendium with lots and lots of information to make our guests stay even better. Free unlimited w-fi, is available throughout Tallawarra Homestead.
Although Tallawarra Homestead is a place of tranquillity and peace, we understand that should you need contact with the outside world, you have it at your fingertips.

We hope to see you soon at Tallawarra Homestead