Tallawarra Homestead is committed to environmental and sustainability practises that have positive actions to our environment.

From the onset of Tallawarra Homestead strategic planning was introduced to ensure a harmonious balance between comfort and relaxation, and that of responsible and sustained practises. We are not greenies, but answerable individuals who have a strong connection to the land, and for the ongoing commitment to a sustainable and well balanced planet.


  • 133,000 Litre rainwater tank
  • Modern dual flush toilets
  • All taps have 9 litre flow restrictors
  • All showers have been fitted with 9 litre water restrictors (you will still have a great shower!)
  • Miele appliances (washing machine and Dishwasher) Miele is renowned for their low water consumption.
  • All rainwater is harvested from the main house roof and used throughout the house

Waste Management

  • Biocycle Waste Treatment plant is used for all water and waste product from the house. The waste is then recycled into an area that will feature a formal garden (under development)


  • On demand instant hot water systems are installed, providing heated water only when required.
  • Master control panel ensures all power and lighting can be turned off when rooms are unoccupied, or not in use
  • Ecohalogen globes are used throughout the house resulting in less energy consumed when compared against normal globes
  • Daiken Inverter air conditioners are featured throughout Tallawarra B&B. Daiken was selected for its technology and energy saving features.
  • Guests are encouraged to assist in helping us maintain our environmental credentials by using  water wisely and reusing bathroom towels


  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Use of glasses and tap water in  rooms instead of bottle water
  • We promote and develop our guest understanding of the natural environment
  • We source wood on the property to use in our fires. We have a qualified arborist that works within guidelines set out, to only cut wood from suitable dead trees that do not harbour wildlife, and fall within regulations as set by local council
  • Maintenance program to support local grasses native species and reduce weed development