Bunyip State Forest

Bunyip State Forest

The Bunyip State Forest is a very short distance from Tallawarra Homestead. The forest is around 16,500 hectares of wet forest and heathland.

The park has a diverse range of flora and fauna, with high landscape values and rugged bush settings.

The Balluck-Williams clan of the Woiworung (Yarra Yarra) tribe were the first people to visit the area and Aboriginal artefacts have been discovered by local historians.

The earliest indication of European impact was in the 1850’s when miners and prospectors were searching for gold. There was low intensity pastoral and farming occupation in the 1860’s, agricultural settlement in the 1870’s and timber cutting from the late 1890’s to until 1991.

Activities within the park include picnicking, walking, nature observation, trail bike riding and horse riding.